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Typing on a Computer

Booking Kayaks

1) Select the dates of your rental

Note: Rentals are based on 24hr days. If you want to extend your final day beyond your first day arrival time please select the following day for check out. Example: Pick up kayak 11:00am June 10th; Return kayak 4pm June 11. Check out day is June 12.

2) Scroll down to the single and double kayaks. Click the +ADD button for each kayak you want to rent.

Note: Rentals will be listed per night rather than per day. You have your kayak rental for 24hrs (example: 11am-11am) so that is 1 night.

3) When you click CHECKOUT on the right side of the screen you will be given the option to ADD Scheduled Water Taxi per person or Kayak Freight service per kayak.

4) Continue with your checkout to enter your personal and payment information.

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Booking Lodge Rooms

1) Select the number of adults per room.

2) Select the dates of your stay

3) View the rooms available. Click the +ADD button on each room you would like to reserve. 

Note: You can change the number of guests in each room before selecting the room.

 Example: select 1 Adult to book a room for one person. Then change the number to 2 Adults to book another room for 2 people.

4) Scroll down and add any kayak rentals. 

5) Follow the steps in the Booking Kayaks list to complete your booking. Start by selecting new rental dates if your kayak rental dates are different than your lodge rental dates. This will not change your lodge booking.

Still have questions? Give us a call

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